The Oslo Research Group on Responsible Innovation believes that society should be a driver for innovation, and not only a passive recipient. We believe that technological innovation must be carried out in dialog with key users, stakeholders, affected parties and the society at large--from the start of the innovation processes (e.g. setting research priorities) until the products are commercialized and needs regulation or other governance measures. We believe that democracy is an important foundation for all aspects of innovation, including patent issues, standardization issues and international trade policies. This is a crucial condition for ensuring that technology development and innovation indeed is responsible. However, we are aware of the weaknesses of how democratic governance is carried out in practice, and of the need for continuous development of better governance processes. Responsible innovation necessitates the concerted efforts from a wide range of disciplines and perspectives, including the natural sciences, the social sciences, the humanities, and lay people. The Oslo Research Group on Responsible Innovation aims to contribute to responsible innovation by engaging in research and development projects with clear sustainability and democratic objectives.

VIRI Associate Director Ellen-Marie Forsberg is a senior researcher in the Oslo Research Group on Responsible Innovation.

Founding member

Selected RRI Publications

Thorstensen, E. and Forsberg, E-M. 2016. Social Life Cycle Assessment as a resource for Responsible Research and Innovation. Journal of Responsible Innovation, DOI: 10.1080/23299460.2016.1181295

Forsberg, E-M, Ribeiro, B., Heyen, N.B., Nielsen, R.Ø., Thorstensen, E., de Bakker, E., Klüver, L., Reiss, T., Beekman, V. and Millar, K. 2016. Integrated assessment of emerging science and technologies as creating learning processes among assessment communities. Life Science, Society and Policy, 12, 1-20. DOI: 10.1186/s40504-016-0042-6


Forsberg, E-M., Quaglio, G., O’Kane, H., Karapiperis, T., van Woensel, L. and Arnaldi, S. 2015. Assessment of science and technologies: Advising for and with responsibility. Technology in Society, 42: 21-27. 


Wickson, F. and Forsberg, E-M. 2014. Standardising Responsibility? The significance of interstitial spaces. Science and Engineering Ethics, 21: 1159–1180

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