The strength of the University of Manchester team working on responsible innovation lies in the depth and breadth of  relevant social science research and expertise. Together they undertake inter-disciplinary research, teaching and policy engagement on the responsible governance and development of new and emerging technologies from the perspective of  science and innovation policy (SIP); sociology of science, technology and society (STS); Ethics and regulatory sciences.

  • Philip Shapira, is Professor of Innovation Management and Policy at Manchester Business School and Professor of Public Policy at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA. Shapira leads the Responsible Research and Innovation team within the 5 year Manchester SYNBIOCHEM centre, one of six centres funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences (BBSRC) which commenced in December 2014. (

  • Dr Sally Randles is a Senior Research Fellow at the inter-disciplinary Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIOIR).  Randles/Shapira  co-lead the MIOIR Research Theme : Emerging Technologies, Dynamics and Governance and Randles with Jakob Edler  lead WP3 of the 3 year (2012- 2015) European FP7 project RES-AGorA, tasked with producing a socio-normative governance framework for Responsible Research and Innovation for Europe Randles is Co-I on SYNBIOCHEM.

  • Dr Andrew Balmer is a Lecturer in Sociology, at the School of Social Sciences and undertakes research and teaching on technology, science and everyday life with a focus on  synthetic biology and medical contexts. Balmer is Co-I on SYNBIOCHEM.

  • Dr Sarah Chan is Deputy Director at the Institute for Science, Ethics and Innovation (iSEI) and Research Fellow in Bioethics and Law, at the Faculty of Life Sciences. Chan is Co-I on SYNBIOCHEM.

  • Dr Katie Bulpin is a Research Associate and STS scholar at the School of Social Sciences with special expertise in IGEM

  • Dr Abdullah Gok is a Research Fellow at MIOIR with a special interest in emerging technologies and their implications for business strategy and with specialist methodology skills in text mining and bibliometrics.

  • Dr Yanchao Li is a Research Associate at MIOIR with interests in the evaluation of innovation policies and emerging technologies including new energy and implications for next-generation innovation systems development in China and Russia.

  • Dr Catherine Rhodes is a Research Fellow in Science Ethics at  iSEI, Faculty of Life Sciences with specialist expertise in the international regulation of new and emerging technologies.

  • Xiao Liang is a PhD candidate at MIOIR with a focus on the commercialization of synthetic biology products and processes.

Sally Randles, Senior Research Fellow, Manchester Institute of Innovation Research

Member since 2015

Selected RRI Publications

Shapira, P., Youtie, J., & Yin, L. "Social science contributions compared in synthetic biology and nanotechnology." Journal of Responsible Innovation(2015) . eScholarID:245059


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Randles, S., Dorbeck-Jung, B., Lindner, R., Rip, A.,(2014) ‘Report of the Roundtable at S.Net 2013 : Where to next for Responsible Innovation?’ in Coenen, C., Dijkstra, A., Fautz, C., Guivant, J., Milburn, C., van Lente, H., eds Innovation and Responsibility,  IOS Press AKA , Heidelberg


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