At the University of Szeged, we are motivated by the question of whether and how RRI can be incorporated into transition countries and we investigate this broader question in the more specific instance of piloting Socio-Technical Integration Research (STIR) within laboratories located in less-developed regions. We implemented the STIR method in two research groups working in Szeged, Hungary, the first STIR research in a underdeveloped region.

Recent highlights include publishing (in Közgazdasági Szemle) the first synthesizing study about the nature of RRI written in Hungarian.

We are currently engaged in establishing an RRI research group at the University of Szeged.

VIRI Leader Miklos Lukovics is associate professor in the University of Szeged Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.

Member since 2015

Selected RRI Publications

Lukovics, M. – Fisher, E. (2017). Socio-Technical Integration Research in an Eastern-European Setting: Distinct Features, Challenges and Opportunities. Society and Economy (forthcomming)


Lukovics M. – Fisher E. – Udvari B. (2016): A felelősségteljes innováció iránti fogékonyság fejlesztése a gyakorlatban.. Marketing & Menedzsment, 2, 3-18. o.


Lengyel I. – Lukovics M. – Imreh Sz. (2016): Entrepreneurship challenges in the less developed region of Hungary: ELI-ALPS Laser Research Centre in Szeged. Journal Transition Studies Reviev, 1, pp. 79-96.


Lukovics, M. – Zuti, B. (2015): New Functions of Universities in Century XXI Towards “Fourth Generation” Universities. Journal Transition Studies Review, 2, 33-49. o. Vol 22, No 2 (2015)


Buzás N. – Lukovics M. (2015): A felelősségteljes innovációról. Közgazdasági Szemle, 4, 438-456. o.


Buzás, N. – Lukovics, M. (2016): Southern European Perspectives. In von Schomberg, R. (ed.): Handbook of Responsible Innovation – a Global Resource. Edgar Elgar Publishing (submitted)


Lukovics, M. – Nagy, B – Buzás, N. (2016): Understanding the Economic Principles of Responsible Research and Innovation. In von Schomberg, R. (ed.): Handbook of Responsible Innovation – a Global Resource. Edgar Elgar Publishing (submitted)


Lukovics, M. – Buzás, N. – Huntingford, J. – Chiocca, M. – Bubbolini, G. (2016): Facilitating Responsible Innovation in the South-East European Countries. Journal of Responsible Innovation (submitted)

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