The University of Twente (UT) works on the technologies of the future (ICT, biotechnology, nanotechnology), combining technological knowledge and innovation with social, behavioural and humanities research. Our researchers focus on responsible innovation in areas with a large societal impact: health, water, energy, safety and education. UT’s School of Behavioural, Management and Social Science (BMS) has conducted a number of major RI-related national and international research projects funded by the European Commission, the Dutch Research Council and others addressing governance, practices, socio-technical scenarios and design for responsible innovation (projects include Res-AGorA; Responsible Innovation in Nanotechnology; CTA Toolbox; Telecare at home; SATORI; Responsible Industry; Responsible early diagnostics for Alzheimer’s disease) . Stefan Kuhlmann is lead author of the recently published “Responsibility Navigator” (

VIRI Leader Professor Stefan Kuhlmann is Professor of Science, Technology, and Society and Department Chair of Science, Technology, & Policy Studies (STəPS)

Member since 2016

Selected RRI Publications
  1. Kuhlmann, S., Edler, J., Ordóñez-Matamoros, G., Randles, S., Walhout, B., Gough, C., Lindner, R. (2015): Responsibility Navigator, Karlsruhe/Germany (Fraunhofer ISI),
    Published also in: Lindner, R., Kuhlmann, S., Randles, S., Bedsted, B., Gorgoni, G., Griessler, E., Loconto, A., Mejlgaard, N. (2016) (eds.): Navigating Towards Shared Responsibility in Research and Innovation. Approach, Process and Results of the Res-AGorA Project. Karlsruhe/Germany (Fraunhofer ISI), 132-155 (ISBN: 9-783000-517099;

  2. Rip, A. (2014): The past and future of RRI, Life Sciences, Society and Policy 2014, 10:17 (

  3. Walhout, B. and Konrad, K. (2015) Practicing Responsible Innovation in NanoNextNl. in D. Bowman, A. Dijkstra, C. Fautz, J. Guivant, K. Konrad, H. van Lente and S. Woll (eds.) Practices of Innovation, Governance and Action - Insights from Methods, Governance and Action, vol. 6. Berlin: AKA / IOS Press.

  4. Brey, P., Clare-Egan, S., Rodrigues, R. and Jansen, P. (forthcoming).  The Ethical Assessment of Research and Innovation – A reflection on the state of the art.  In Finding Common Ground – Consensus in Research Ethics Across the Social Sciences, ed. R. Iphofen, Emerald Publishing.

  5. Marianne Boenink, Harro van Lente & Ellen Moors (eds.), Emerging technologies for diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease: Innovating with care, Basingstoke: Palgrave 2016

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